About us 

A collaboration focused on creating awesome 

With the complexity and competition online, every aspect of digital requires an expert in their own field to produce effective results. That's why we are a collaboration of both permeant staff and freelancers. Each with their own set of skills. Be sure your project with us only gets the best project managers to deliver on your requirements. 

We believe in:


Nothing worse than waiting for something that never arrives. that's why we believe in deadlines both with our client's projects and in-house deliverables. 


If it's not awesome it's not good enough. Websites portray businesses online and a good first impression is essential when putting your hand up online.


We like to determine accountability  from the start of each project, so that each team member knows their scope of work, and what others are doing. 


Both for our clients and each team member. Understanding the trust our clients have placed in our team by investing time and money to complete a project. 


A strong relationship with our clients is the best way for both our clients our selves to create something awesome that produces results. Helping growth in business. 


Diversity is key in design. The more cultures, backgrounds and beliefs the more creative our team will be in solving problems both online and off.

What we do

Inspired website designers that are passionate about helping businesses increase conversions. We specialize in website design, landing page, ​and e-commerce web design. As well as offer SEO and lead generation services. Our client's goals superseded our profit margins. Therefore before we start any project we engage with our clients and ensure we are able to deliver what is needed for the project to be a success, and of course, able to deliver within the given timeframe.

A full website design agency that cares about our clients

We love our clients and they seem to love us back.

"As a business owner things need to get done fast but professionally, Deep coral definitely ticked all the boxes. Great service!"

Dale Hartog, IHS Solutions

Helping businesses accurately reflect themselves online while standing out. 

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