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Understanding your customer's journey to purchase is key to success

Understanding your business's customer's journey from brand awareness to purchase, and how to create returning customers, is key to optimizing sales funnels and increasing sales for your business.

"Deep Coral Agency has been an absolute pleasure to work with! We have several projects managed by Mike, he is professional and offers the best advise for our individual business marketing needs."

Leandro Le Roux, Perx Group Holdings

Understand your customers and make more sales.

Understanding your customers can be a time consuming and resource intensive task. That is why we help businesses which have never identified their customer's journey, and seasoned businesses to create, optimize and convert with their funnels.

We will sit with your team and map out the full user flow and journey to purchase.

Informing user flow

We will ensure all the correct tracking is implemented so we can track and optimize your funnel.

Tracking users

We don't leave any stone unturned.

Stage 1


Stage 1 is about building brand awareness. Helping you get in front of the right people.

Stage 4


Conversion time. The customer now purchases from your business. 

Stage 2


This is where customer will start to interact with your brand through video or assets.

Stage 5


Getting a customer excited about their purchase is one of the most important stages.

Stage 3


Now the customer commits to your business. Signing up for a email for example.

Stage 6


One of the best way to get more sales is having current customers advocate your business.

Create a frictionless journey to purchase.

Customers are most likely comparing your business to your competitors when they are interested in your product or services. Every time your customers are unsure of the next step, confused about your offering or any other reason they pause during their route to purchase, will cause them to consider your competitor instead of your business or choose not to purchase. Creating, tracking and optimizing a customer journey helps mitigate this issue and ensures yours customers have a frictionless route to purchase.

Increase conversions online and off

Remove doubts about purchasing 

Improve user experience

Build trust in your business

Decrease time to purchase

Understand your customers better

Reporting and interpretation.

We will send you in-depth reports about how your full customer journey is performing. We'll also sit with your team to help you interpret the reports and together we will formulate suggestions on how to improve the conversion rates moving forward. We won't leave you in the dark.

Let's understand your business together.

Before we start any new project mapping out customer journeys and funnels we like to have a discovery session with potential clients. This ensures that we understand your business and ensure that we are able to help you improve your conversions.

If you would like to have a discovery session fill in the form below and we will contact you back to find a time that suits you and your team. 

Discovery session

It's obligation free

"Deep Coral assisted us in designing a brilliant...which provided us with the exposure we needed to increase our clientele. The after service support provided to us from Deep Coral goes above and beyond exceptions. I highly recommend Deep Coral to anyone looking to gain business expose."

Richard Wittmann, Vita Statera


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