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High converting landing page design for your products

Landing pages when used as part of a campaign can increase conversions by 15% - 50% on average. Landing pages are essential to a successful advertising campaign.

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Our landing page designs are

Responsive + Optimized + High-converting

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Generate more conversions

With a single action per page this increases the amount of conversions.

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Support Your Business Goals

Cater the page to the specific audience or goal you are targeting.

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Direct and to the point

Clearly laid out the value of your offering and in a concise page with convincing messaging. 

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Generate Data and Insights

Track channels, leads, interest, or which campaigns are performing the best.

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Zero in on your messaging

With a single focus of the page, the messaging is not diluted. Reducing user distractions.

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Improve Brand Awareness

Giving users more opportunities to recognize and engage with your brand.

  • SaaS

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality 

  • Restaurant/Café

  • Ecommerce 

  • B2B

  • Real Estate

  • Pet Care

To mention a few

Industries where landing pages produce great results

Offer specific 

Landing page design tailored to your offering

Each landing page design needs to have specific messaging and creative so that it may resinate with the target audience. This will increase conversions, which is the ultimate goal. A landing page is different from a regular website page as it normally will have very little to no navigation and usually will only have one offering. The page will be dedicated to everything about the specific offering. Helping to allay any fears of purchasing, expanding on the benefits and making a seamless conversion pathway. 

Content is important

Convincing landing pages that drives conversion

Landing page design, unlike website pages, is often more geared towards the content and less about design. The landing page needs to be simple and easy to use, but what really drives conversions is what the page says. This includes social proof, benefits, comparisons and a seamless purchase pathway. Our professional landing page designers ensure your landing page will answer any of your customers questions. While drawing your customers eyes to the action point to boost conversions. These conversions may be sales, leads or subscriptions, among others. 

Across any device

Pages that look great no matter the device

Desktop, tablet and mobile are all readily available to your customers. Be sure they are using all of these devices to browse your offerings, and often across multiple devices. That's why our professional designers ensure your landing page design looks great on any device. Landing pages are normally used in conjunction with a digital marketing strategy such as a social media campaign, therefore you offering will be seen across devices. Feel confident that when your customer sees your page, it will look great.

Essential analytics

Comprehensive user tracking across platforms

Optimizing campaigns is founded on user data. How, where, when and how long did the users visit the page and who converted. We set-up your analytics using social media platforms and Google Analytics. These analytics will help you track everything in your campaign and better understand your customers. If you are unsure of what the data means we have experts that will help you interpret the data and give suggestions on your next move. This will help decrease your cost per conversion and increase the effectiveness of the full digital campaign. 

Stress-Free. No Hassle 

Less than 15 days until conversion roll in


Let's get to know each other

Before the landing page design begins, we will either meet up or jump on a video call so that we can learn who you are and get a better understanding of your offering and strategy.


A few questions for you to answer

If we decide to go ahead with designing your landing page, we will send you an in-take form with a couple questions. These will help us design a landing page that resonates with your customers.


Page development time

It's time for design and web development. The first draft will take about 10 days of turnaround time. From there we will make the page updates to ensure you love your website.


Publish and Integrate

Now your page will be published on search engines after the analytics have been set-up. We will also integrate your website with Google products and social media platforms.


Landing page packages

Landing page packages to suit your needs

Included in the

Landing page package

  • 1 offering page

  • 1 thank you page

  • Premium web design

  • Free photos and videos

  • Responsive across devices

  • Integration of tracking codes

  • Hosting for 1 month

  • Free personalized .com domain

R 2 4995.00

Included in the

Analytics add-on

  • Google analytics account creation

  • Google analytics tracking set-up

  • Facebook business manager creation

  • Facebook analytics tracking set-up

  • Conversion tracking set-up

  • 1 other platform tracking set-up

R 1 500.00

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