Rank high in search results to get high intent customers.

75% of users online don't scroll past the first page of search engines. Expose your website to 100% of high intent customers with search engine optimization.

"We experienced superb efficiency and professionalism from Deep Coral Agency. Mike and his team went above and beyond to make us happy and did excellent work. I highly recommend them!"

Michael Ferguson, Recording artist

How we rank your website on the first page of Google.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) includes an 80 step approach which involves optimizing your website code, increasing your page speed, writing content with high search intent and much more. With the added exposure of ranking on the first page of Google it is likely to prove a game changer for a business in any industry. Our process includes:

Ensuring your code, images and content is optimized for seo best practices.

On-page SEO

We will help you put together a strong off page SEO strategy to boost your rankings.

Off-page SEO

Some of the things we do for search engine optimization.

Keyword/keyphrase research

We research what are the best keywords to target your business's customers.

Google products verification

Verifying your website with Google products has a direct impact on your rankings.

Optimization of website load speed

Ensure that your website falls within or below the recommend website speed.

Structured data mark-up

Adding structured data to your website ensures search engines understand your information.

Meta tag optimization

All your meta tags including title tag, description and alt are optimized for SEO.

Website copy best practices

H1, H2, P1 and P2 must include the right copy and keywords relating to your business.

Benefits of ranking on the first page of Google.

Ranking on the first page of search engines ensures that almost 100% of online users who are looking for your product or service will see your business. Users also trust a business who ranks on the first page of Google and are more likely to choose your business. Unlike paid advertising, ranking highly in search engines gives your business 24/7 promotion.

Improved brand awareness 

Increased website traffic

Better user experience

Builds trust in your business

24/7 promotion for your business

Gain market share over your competition

Reporting so you know how you are ranking in Google.

At the end of each month we will send you a detailed report as to how your website is ranking and for which keywords. Also we will recommend anything that could help the SEO efforts moving forward.

Pay per result Search Engine Optimization.

Because ranking a website is not a guaranteed process, we believe you should only pay full price once we rank your website on page one of Google.


This means that you only pay full price once your business has 24/7 promotion and gets more high intent leads. 

This is the price you pay while we are working to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Optimization Price

r1 500/month

This is the price you pay once your website is ranked on the first page of Google.

Page One Ranking Price

r6 500/month

"These guys are super professional and always deliver outstanding work. I can only highly recommend them!!"

Wikus Naude, Poplar Academy


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