Search Engine Optimization

Rank high in search results to get high intent customers.

75% of users online don't scroll past the first page of search engines. Expose your website to 100% of high intent customers with search engine optimization and increase conversion rates.

Our 80 step SEO packages include:

Optimizing your on-site and off-site assets

Competitor analysis

Before we start we will research as to what your competitors are ranking for, and what their search engine marketing strategy is.

Schema markup addition

Schema markup helps search engines find and use your correct information. Then use this information for searches.

Niche keyword research

Finding the right keywords is essential to any successful SEO campaign strategy for your website to rank highly.

Analytics set-up and reporting

Understanding your websites users can help optimize the SEO strategy to increase your conversion rates through out your campaigns.

Alt and meta tags optimization

Ensuring both search engines and your customers find your tags appealing. This improves your click through rates.

Google products integration 

We will integrate your website with all the relevant Google products and verify your site. Giving you full control.

Better traffic. More sales

SEO helps high-intent customers find your website

  • Have ready-to-buy customers looking for your products find your website

  • Help customers with information through your blog which can be distributed to social media

  • Ensure your website has 24/7 promotion on search engines


SEO is a long term strategy, perfect for growth

Growing a business takes time. So does ranking your website on the first page of search engines and increasing websites traffic. SEO is unlike paid advertising (such as Google AdWords) where you can switch it on when you have extra budget to spend. But unlike paid advertising, when your website hits the first page of a search engine, customers who find your website are much more trusting of your website and therefore conversion rates improve. While optimizing your website, your conversion optimization is included. Helping the new traffic convert better. Search Engine Optimization is essential to most digital marketing strategies focused on long-term growth.

Right for you?

Is SEO the right strategy for your business?

SEO and paid media buying each have their benefits for a business who is looking to convert customers online using a digital marketing strategy. Paid media buying can help get instant customers through a website whereas SEO will help build a constant flow of organic customers. This will give your business 24/7 promotion on search engines in South Africa and across the globe, no matter if you offer graphic design or offer dog grooming. Competitors analysis may indicate that your competition is converting your customers just by having a high site rank in search engines. The right SEO campaign coupled with great website design, you can dominate your niche on typed and voice searches. Depending on your needs, we can focus on organic SEO (on-page SEO) or off-site SEO such as amazon SEO (helping your offerings rank off-site).

The process

What exactly does search engine optimization entail

With billions of web pages, search engines are trying to understand what your website is about, what you offer, if you can effectively offer those products or services and how authoritative a website is on a subject. Search engines can determine this by using website content or information from content marketing. Then try to connect users searches with relevant web pages. For example, if a user searches "Tying a show", Google will display a featured snippet with the most relevant information. When optimizing a website to rank on page one, all of the boxes need to be ticked which include on-site optimization and off-site optimization. A content marketing approach, social media approach or link build may be best depending on the researches findings. 

Accountability and reporting

Keeping you in the loop with your website

When an SEO strategy is implemented, we ensure your website is linked to the relevant tracking platforms. Such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This helps track everything that is happening with your website from a user perspective and how your website ranks. Every month a report will be pulled from all of the platforms and sent through to you. These reports have been redesigned many times to help ensure they are easily interpreted fro your side. Once you receive the report we also jump on a call with you to discuss the month's results and how we can improve the strategy for maximum results. We will also provide training in Google analytics if you would like to learn how to check your website yourself.

Page one is where it's at

Optimised for search engines

Been found in search results is essential. Having customers find your business in Google or any other search engine can sometimes mean the difference between success and scraping by. That's why, as a web design company, all of the websites we design have foundational SEO. Our South African web designers ensure a strong SEO foundation, which means your SEO friendly website can rank on the first page of Google and start appearing more frequently in search results. Depending on your web SEO needs, we have specific strategies for websites designed on a website builder or customer websites.

Sit back and watch your website rank

A few months to organic sales


Understanding your niche

Before any strategy will be implemented we will research your business's niche to understand the keywords search volumes and search intent behind your customers' searches.


What does Google want

Google ranks different content depending on your product and niche. Are your customers looking for a blog post, a video or an e-commerce website page? 


Website foundations first

We will do an audit on your website to ensure all the foundational SEO and sites content is optimized. We will run through the entire website ensure it's fully optimized.


Time to rank high in search results

After the foundational SEO has been completed, we will begin implementing your unique strategy to start moving your website up the search results until you hit the first page.


SEO packages

Pay per result SEO packages

We are one of the only SEO companies in South Africa that offers a pay per result model for local SEO. This ensures you only pay when full price when your website ranks. 

Optimization price

No ranked keywords

No ranked keywords (local SEO campaign).

Pay this price while we are optimizing your website to start ranking on the first page of Google. Both phases of this package include:

  • 10 Keywords/Key-phrases

  • Local Campaign

  • Keyword Research Included

  • On-site Optimization

  • Off-site Optimization

  • Listings Creation

R 2 4995.00

SEO price

Ranked keywords

Only pay our full price once your SEO friendly web site ranks on the first page of Google and is receiving websites traffic from organic SEO. This ensures you only pay once we have proven ourselves with results.

R 6 500.00


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