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Digital analytics packages include:

Easy-to-understand reports tailored to your business


Website verification

We will verify your website with the relevant platforms to ensure complete user tracking.


Industry specific metrics

Each industry uses different key metrics to measure success. We highlight yours in reports.


Custom built reports

Depending on your business goals, we will build a custom report for your business.


In-depth data conclusions

Let us draw conclusions from your data specific to your business so you can make informed moves.


Digital data blending

Blending data from multiple platforms is the best way to get a full understanding.


Face-to-face report run through

Ensuring you understand you data is important to us, that is why we don't just send reports.

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We use multiple platforms, each tracking specific metrics

Understand your customer

Where, who, what and when

With the use of analytics platforms, businesses are now able to learn and understand much more about their customers than ever before. Understanding from where your users came from, a blog or an ad, what they did or bought and when they took the action. Among a huge array of other metrics that can be tracked. All this data helps businesses target the correct customers and make quick informed decision to capitalize on a rising opportunity. Helping reduce money waisted on ad spend and increasing efficiency of campaigns. 

The right metrics

Understand exactly how users engage and convert

Each business niche relies on specific metrics to track the success of the business. Identifying what would count as a conversion. This may be checkouts for an e-commerce website or pageviews for a blogging website. Using the key metric as a starting point we work backwards and identify the path a user would need to take to ultimately convert online or off. Then take full overview of the path and build tracking throughout. This helps visualise where customers are falling off and what friction points need to be optimized to increase conversions. 

Blending data

Creating a holistic view

Most platforms are designed to track specific metrics with a slight overlap with other platforms. Using only one platform will often give half the picture in regards to a digital campaign. For instance, Google Analytics tracks users and how they engage with a website. While Google Search Console tracks the website itself. Blending thease two data sources helps understand how users are engaging with a website and if their engagement correlates to the website's performance. Using Data Studio we blend data from multiple sources to give a holistic view of a business's digital landscape. 


Reports everyone can interpret

We use Google Data Studio to build customized reports for digital analytics. Pulling data from Google, Ads, Facebook and CRM systems to create a visual dashboard that is easy to interpret. We focus on your key metrics while ensuring you can see a holistic view of your digital landscape. Thease reports can be filtered, accessed anytime and are live. We run through the first few reports over a video call or in-person to ensure that our clients understand what every graphs means and how it plays into the bigger picture. 

Set-up Process

How we implement in-depth analytics


Digital landscape audit

Understanding your full landscape is vital when implementing analytics and final reporting. We audit all your platforms first before determining your campaign goals.


Determining your business goals

Depending on your niche, deciding which are the most important metrics and secondary metrics is vital. Using thease metrics and building backwards for reporting. 


Implementing analytics tracking

Once metrics are decided on, we go in and implement all of the tracking throughout your digital platforms. Including verifying your website with Google Search Console and Analytics. 


Customized reporting 

Finally, we create customized reports highlighting your business's key metrics in easy to understand report. With opportunities to run through the report over video call. 


Analytics Packages

Analytics packages to suit your needs

Included in the

Dashboard package

  • Data studio account set-up

  • Data integration

  • 4 data sources

  • Customized report build

  • Anytime access to live report

  • Dashboard alterations

  • 1 on 1 video call with expert

Once off payment for the build only*

R 1 995.00

Most Poplar

Included in the

Reporting package

  • Data studio account set-up

  • Data integration

  • 4 data sources

  • Customized report build

  • Anytime access to live report

  • Dashboard alterations

  • 1 on 1 video call with expert


  • Monthly in-depth reports

  • Video call for report analysis 

  • Updates to dashboard

  • Conclusions and recommendations

R2 295.00/month

Included in the

Audit package

The audit package has been created to help businesses find ways of improving their online effectiveness. After a video or in-personal discussion to understand your goals, we will take an in-depth look and filter through all of your current analytics. Then, discuss ways of improving the business online and where platforms need to be optimized.

  • Website UX audit

  • Website SEO audit

  • Analytics tracking audit

  • Full reports with conclusions

  • Tracking implementation

  • Dashboard creation

  • Digital strategy recommendations

  • In-person or video in-take session

  • In-person or video reporting

R 8 995.00

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